PIPPO talks Pride Month 2020

June 13, 2020

PIPPO talks Pride Month 2020

With all that's happened in the past few weeks, we're reminded not of how far our society has come, but how far it still needs to go.

So much needs to change. Under this backdrop of civil protest, we celebrate Pride Month 2020. Pride month began under similar circumstances; years of unjust policing of the LGBTQ community finally sparked 3 days of protest in 1969.

We do not live in an equal society yet. There are still people who wish to bring us backwards. They will continue to pull, so we must continue to push forward. All members of a just society, not only the LGBT. Though it's been said for decades, it seems that the message has finally come home in 2020; Silence on these issues, is violence upon those who continue to be affected by them.

I'm writing this post for PIPPO Amsterdam. We wanted to use our brand to speak out for, and amplify voices of the LGBTQ community. PIPPO is using its advertising this month to share LGBTQ imagery and positivity. You're encouraged to share these posts to show support and/or keep the conversation going about the importance of this civil rights movement.

I love Pride Month because it is a big 'F You' in the face of those who deny the right and legitimacy of the LGBTQ community. They are a part of the world and cannot be suppressed, though some might try.

It's painful and frustrating how much work still needs to be done just for members of society to feel accepted. Just to feel normal. Not only the kid in high school with a secret that is exploding inside of them. But the LGBT family, being stared at at a school function by the other 'normal' parents. Millions of people just wanting to feel normal, just wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin.

That's what is going through my head this year. How is it before we no longer NEED a Pride month to educate people to just allow others to be gay? That sexuality, skin color can be thought of in the same manner as hair color?

Can you imagine a Blonde Pride month? Blonde rights? Too long have Blondes been subjected to violence and discrimination, only for the color of their hair! That's what we are still working through as a society. It's frustrating, and clearly, it's necessary.

There's still so much to be done, and just as the Black Lives Matter movement is calling on their white brothers and sisters to help them in their fight for justice, the LGBTQ community can not do this alone. If you are not willing to join a cause, I understand. But there is a lot you can do. Donate (e.g. The Trevor Project or ILGA Europe ), attend rallies, or at least support LGBTQ+ people on social media (#pride, #lgbtqcommunity). Spread the message of love and support, and give an F you to those who say otherwise. 

So what is Pippo doing for this cause? We’ve created a limited collection of Statement Socks, to wear on the bike or around town. Make a statement in support of equal rights and show what side you stand with. The purpose of the collection is to raise awareness, spread support, and raise money for LGBTQ causes. 10% of the revenue on Statement socks will be donated to ILGA Europe. Get yours here.



Regardless of what you decide to do, we hope above all, that you’ll do something.