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We believe a high quality road cycling shorts should be comfortable through a custom fit, optimal breathability as well as a light compression.


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What should I look for in a chamois pad?

We make sure that our pads combine hygiene, comfort and anatomy. We achieve hygiene by using microfibers and the moisture-loving properties of the pads. In this way, we also ensure that the pads are very breathable. The elasticity makes them very comfortable in all conditions and ensures an optimal fit for different bodies.

What should I look for in braces?

With our bib shorts, the suspenders should not cut in, the straps should not roll up or leave stress points. We have wide straps with flat seams that distribute the weight over a larger area of your body and are very comfortable to wear. We also recommend that you make sure the seams are 4 needled stiched because you want a bib short that will last a long time even on intense rides. For the Stelvio Bib Short we have taken further measures to reduce the friction possibilities, here the edge of the suspenders are seamlessly welded for even more comfort.

Enjoy the ride!

Guide to our cycling shorts for men

What makes our bib shorts stand out?

We use first-class, breathable fabrics that offer maximum comfort and durability. These materials ensure excellent moisture wicking and support the muscles through targeted compression. The seat pad of our bib shorts is antibacterial treated and ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. In addition, our shorts have flat seams that reduce skin irritation and ensure a comfortable fit. We produce our bib shorts in Italy.

Which cycling shorts are suitable for which type of road cyclist?

1. Hobby cyclist

  • recommended Bib short: De Ronde Komfortable und vielseitige Bib Shorts.
  • Features:

Soft, ergonomic seat pad for short to medium distances.

High-quality, breathable fabrics for good comfort.

Moderate Kompression zur Unterstützung der Muskulatur ohne einzuengen.

Wir empfehlen unsere de Ronde Bib short


Dickes, ergonomisch gestaltetes Sitzpolster für langen Sitzkomfort. wir verwenden das Randomee Polster bei der Stelvio which is suitable for journeys of up to 7 hours.

Breathable and moisture-wicking materials.

Kompressionseigenschaften zur Unterstützung der Muskulatur über lange Distanzen.

Antibacterial treatments to minimize odours and skin irritation.

4.Mountain bikers/climbers


  • Lightweight and thin seat pad that offers freedom of movement.
  • Very breathable fabrics that wick sweat away quickly.
  • Compression properties to support the muscles during intensive climbs.
What size do I have with you?

On the product page of each pair of bib shorts, you will find a size chart displayed above the available sizes. There you can see which sizes our bibs are tailored to. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail. Our customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours.