A friend of ours wrote up the below and we wanted to share with you!


I was talking with a friend of mine about sports (well, he's half personal trainer, half friend). I’ve always felt that a sport required a board or a ball, without one you are just exercising. I started on the topic just to tease him, because I knew he loved cycling. The joke was on me though, as by the end he had me looking online for cycling gear. He made an impression on me, and I thought to take the time to share it with you, because I was glad that he had shared it with me.


 1. Climbing the mountain

“When I am halfway up and already feeling the burn, I look up and see the rest of the mountain in front of me... I get anxious, I get excited, I even laugh at myself a bit. I said that I would reach the top, and now I have to do it, but I'm not 100% sure that I will. I know that it is just me, the bike and the mountain who can decide if I make it or not. The sense of independence, of self reliance and commitment is just an incredible feeling. Talk about endorphins (happiness chemical in brain). You are so proud when you reach the top. You are chasing that feeling when you are on your way up. You are pumping yourself up with every pedal, you've got a clear purpose in life - perform.”


 2. Flying

    “When you reach the top, you win a prize - the descent. People who ski or snowboard may know the feeling. It is freedom, mixed with adrenalin. Approaching each curve, getting as aerodynamic as possible. Feeling yourself truly flying down the mountain - it is pure excitement. “


    3. Discovering yourself

    Even with friends, you are alone on the bike. You each have your own battle, your own voice in your head and tiredness in your legs. Its a chance to discover your boundaries, and break them. I don't like the term limits, because it has a definite sense to it. We often think we are at our limit, but it is only a boundary we haven't crossed yet. I never feel satisfaction like I do when I know I've broken a boundary I (thought) I had. I learned what I can do through cycling. I've learned to control the voice in my head, and not the other way around. I know myself through cycling.”

    4."The shared experience"

    “The bike can be a lonely place, but you know your friends are next to you going through the same pain (though yours feels worse). Reaching the top together creates a sense of brotherhood. Anytime people go through challenges together, they become closer through the shared experience. The guys I ride with are like brothers to me.”


    5. "Tired legs"

    “This might sound weird but there's nothing more satisfying to me than feeling my tired legs after a long ride. No pain is more enjoyable. I'm proud of my effort, I can taste the salt in my sweat. It feels victorious.”


    …Okay that last one was a bit weird, reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzeneggar and "the feeling of the pump" (youtube it). But the imagery of the mountain, the wind, the descent, the struggle was very powerful to me. More so as this guy is not known for his eloquence. Everything he said was spontaneous - from the heart. The cycling community does seem inspiring, and inclusive. I've never been much of a football player and am sick of being looked down on for it... With cycling what you put in is what you get out, and there's something very egalitarian in that.

    Consider me officially a cycling convert – I have seen the light. Now I need to choose some cycling gear. I’ve written about that decision-making process in another post.

    For those interested, the TL;DR was that I ended up buying from PIPPO - will share my reasons in another post coming soon!



    Special thanks to our friend Matt for contributing this article!

    Februar 15, 2020 — PIPPO Bikewear