About us

PIPPO was born in the heart of Amsterdam when a fashion loving couch potato met a passionate sports freak. One insisting on looking good during a work out, the other focused on pushing boundaries and demanded gear that stood up under hours long training sessions.

The two polar forces eventually joined and we stopped looking for the perfect jersey and just designed it ourselves!

Pro performance wear, for everyone.

We made it our mission to source sustainable materials, produced in Europe. We only accept perfect.

PIPPO products are for people who want to love their sportsgear. We love what we do and promise you will too.

Join us and become part of the PIPPO community. 

 #PippoAmsterdam community.






 The Pippo -Team

Jenny is the founder, coach and motivator of the Pippo team. She combines an interest in fashion with a passion for independent labels and sustainability. After a half marathon in Munich, she asked herself if it was not possible to bring more color and life to athletic gear. After discovering a passion for cycling in 2018, she was overwhelmed by the positive spirit of the cycling community. It was when she was trying to find the right gear that she found her opportunity. Seeing that the market lacked sustainability, quality and style - she decided to design her own instead! 

When she's not on the bike she loves to talk about design, fashion and self development - always looking forward to invent and innovate. She accepts bribes in Haribo gummies..


Nina is our voice - documenting and sharing our work with you. A thoughtful and open person - she's always ready for the next adventure. You can find her on the roads, putting in her KM's each day - she's just signed up for her first marathon. Does she regret her decision? Not at all... pushing limits is the PIPPO lifestyle. Her biggest weakness is a love for chocolate – we are all humans at Pippo.


Jannik channels our creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit - helping us to create with content and photoshoots. His first business venture was an attempt at 'Pimp My Ride' for old bikes. He might still have a few in his apartment if you're looking... He's also founded Stehaufmaennchen to combat our society's sedentary life style. "Sitting is the new Cancer" - Apple CEO Tim Cook. His second home is Girona - where he spends his time connecting our brand with cycling and triathlon fanatics. He loves good food, meditation, and vintage bikes.