Whether you are a couch potato that wants to integrate a new sports in his or her life or a professional, the right gear is essential for a fun and effective workout. 

It all starts with choosing the right materials. Because it is a big difference how much you can enjoy your workout depending on the fit and feel of your clothes. We can tell you that you will not enjoy a cotton shirt when biking 100km+! 


So let us give you a quick overview which materials you should look out for. Obviously at PIPPO we strive to use only the best fabrics out there to provide you with the most comfortable and perfectly fitting workout gear. We work together with trusted suppliers in Europe that help us to make the greatest jerseys and shorts possible.  

We use a combination of Elastane, Polyamides and Mesh, resulting in breathable clothes that fit tight on the right spots and provide movement where needed. high end jersey is breathable, durable and moves with you, not against you. We have integrated a anti skidding gripper at the hem that keeps the jersey in place, adding to your comfort during the workout - a difference that you will certainly feel. 

Breathable fabric is essential when it comes to sports gear. It transports water away from your skin and evaporates, a phenomenon referred to as ‘wicking’ in analogy with the way wax moves up a candle wick. We are using sole mesh which is 4 way woven and due to open spaces between the strands of yarn it is very light and breathable. 

An essential part of a good shirt or short is its ability to stretch. We use just the right amount of Elastane that pops right back into place after the movement. So no loose fitting clothes for you anymore.  


A little overview about the fabrics used: 

Elastane (Spandex fibreLycra): Elastane, founded 1937 in Germany, is a durable fabric that moves back into its original shape after being stretched. Too much of it leaves the piece of clothing too lose after a few washes but the right amount helps to deliver an extraordinary elasticity and freedom of movement. Furthermore, the fabric is resistant against tearing and durable while being lightweight. Plus it is very easy to care for! 

Polyamide (Nylon):  Nylon is one of the fully synthetic filaments developed in the 30's. It's often used in the sportswear due to its high durability and strength. Polyamide does not absorb oil, so all your oil-based body odors will be removed when you wash the fabric.  

Mesh: Mesh refers to a knitted structure of fibers which most often is woven. This means there are little “gaps” in the fabric, allowing breathability.  

Enjoy your next bike ride and don't forget to have a look at our collection!

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Februar 16, 2019 — Jenny Gresshoff