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Durable Performance // Sustainable Materials

All PIPPO products are produced in Europe. We carefully select our partners and personally visit the factory floor to guarantee high quality products, made from sustainable, mainly recyclable materials in ethical working conditions. We are always looking for new materials and new technologies to deliver to our own high expectations. Starting from March 2020 all our labels are made out of recycled paper - therefore another step has been taking to be more sustainable.



Pippo Socks - What are they made from?

PIPPO Socks mainly consist of low weight, breathable DRYARN®, an ecological fiber. A small % of Lycra is added to give a stretchy but form fitting feel. We then add Polyamide for durability – our socks are 2.5x more durable than a cotton sock. We’re still wearing our first pair!

Lycra: LYCRA® is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state – time and time again. Which gives our socks the ideal fit, ride after ride, wash after wash.

Polyamide: Is used to make the socks durable in your daily training sessions.




Our decision to use DRYARN was simple: Performance (weight, durability, and absorption) and Sustainability.  

What do we mean by PERFORMANCE?

DRYARN is one of the lighted materials used in sports gear (below chart).


Moisture Absorption

DRYARN is hydrophobic, unlike natural fibers such as cotton and wool. This means water (or more likely sweat) will not be absorbed. When moisture is not absorbed in the fiber it can evaporate instead. This means your socks won’t soak with sweat on a long ride, meaning less weight, less bacteria, and less odor. 



Other features we love about DRYARN

  • Dermatologist tested and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Keeps cool during summer and warms during winter
  • Contains no toxic substances

Our socks are produced according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® - Therefore, you can be certain that every component as an example threads has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. If you want to read more about it please follow this link.


What makes us special:

  • No shrinking as in the production our materials are pre-washed by the supplier
  • Quick drying
  • Perfect fit ride after ride, wash after wash.

Just have a look at our socks link



 Pippo Jersey and Shorts

PIPPO drives durable performance and sustainability across all our materials and product lines through a focus on supplier and the production process itself. We aligned with our supplier that all materials used in our products are coming from Italy.


We create durability by double stitching all materials. We use technologies such as 4x woven fibers, creating breathability. Going for a long ride? All products are reflective in case you don’t make it back before dark.


Open and honest, when it comes to sustainability we are not yet where we want to be with our jerseys and shorts. We’ve not be relaxing though. In March 2020 we will introduce our recycled line for men. We’ve produced a line (bib and jersey) for men which is made entirely from recycled materials. That means we worked directly with our partners to design a line made from excess materials from other production. Through a more complex process, we build new products from left over materials, with 0 compromise on quality.


We will continue to look for more opportunities to deliver sustainability across our entire range.

Redefine your Limits !


-The Pippo Team -


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